Is there a way to let users enter there own information in Active Directory?

I want users to be able to add there phone numbers,  address and other information themselves. Is there an easy way to do this without first installing AD tools on each client machine?  I dont want them to be able to do anymore than there own accounts..
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This is an interesting question.  I've never seen anyone open this up for their users, as there are security concerns in allowing an end-user to modify fields which are typically only meant for domain admins.

Maybe this will help:

Using Scripts to Manage Active Directory Security
Part 1: Extended Rights

Section 3 states that you can create an access control entry so that you can give a user the right to manage a single attribute (such as phone number) for a user or set of users.

Also, I read through this Blog and the comments are interesting:

A person on the Blog offered a great tip--Sharepoint.
I use Sharepoint and it is highly configurable for the end-user and integrated with AD2003 and Exchange2003.

You can import fields from each application to share information posted on Exchange or on Sharepoint.

I would go this route if I were you.
sullendAuthor Commented:
Thank you
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