need to remove '\n\t' from file and keep rest

i am working on a txt file. I need to remove '\n\t' (newline+tab) that is appearing in some of the lines. Tried awk and sed but cant seem to get those utilities to work. If i do an:
od -c <filename> i can see the '\n \t' characters.
i do have other newline chars '\n' that i want to keep. only wnat to get rid of back to back chars like i said above  
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TintinConnect With a Mentor Commented:
It's impossible to have a \n\t combination on the same line.  What you will be seeing is a \t\n, but don't forget that od -c will wrap lines, so if you have a line with just a \t\n, the sequence you see with od -c will be \n\t\n, where the first \n is from the previous line.

Are you wanting to get rid of the lines with no text, eg: \t\n?

If so, do

sed '/[TAB]/D' file

where [TAB] is Ctrl-V Tab

pdadddinoAuthor Commented:
sed 's/\\n\\t//g' inputfile> outputfile

does not do anything
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