Move ASE 12.5.1 to a different server

I have a Sybase ASE 12.5.1 running on Solaris 8.
I need to create an identical database on another Solaris 8 server.

Can I restore all the related files to server 2 from the backup of server 1? Backup was taken after the server was shutdown. Also if this is going to work is this way supported by Sybase?

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Joe WoodhouseConnect With a Mentor Principal ConsultantCommented:
Copying the underlying files in the way you've said isn't supported by Sybase as a backup method.

It's supported when used in conjunction with quiesce database, or unmount/mount.
bretConnect With a Mentor Commented:
It can work.  The important thing is that there be no activity in the database as it is being
copied.  This can be ensured using either the QUIESCE DATABASE command, or shutting the server

In general - search the ASE documentation for QUIESCE to find out how it is supported.
In particular, see chapter 27 on mounting and unmounting databases.

sdrozdAuthor Commented:
Thanks Bret.

I shutdown the server, so I shouldn't need to consider using quiesce command. My paths to the devices are the same, so it doesn't look like I need to use mount either.

I also don't see why it shouldn't work, but I am more concerned about doing things the supported way. For example, if I have a production problem on that server I would like to make sure Sybase will not frown upon using this method..

Please let me know if you have the answer to this.

Thanks a lot!
sdrozdAuthor Commented:
Thanks to both of you. I split the points evenly
Joe WoodhousePrincipal ConsultantCommented:
Glad we could help! Since you very specifically asked for supported methods, I was conservative - but with the servers shut down, and with you editing the interfaces file to reference the second host, it will work.
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