Cisco 2600 Password Reset

I just received a used cisco 2620 router that I need to gain access to configure and there is an "User Access" password set when I try to to access the router using Hyper terminal connected via the console port.
I'm new to configuring cisco routers so I have any idea how to reset this password.
I did read the passowrd recovery article found at the link below but I am still unable to gain access to the router at all.

So, is the User Access password the same as the enable password when trying to connect through the consle port.

If no, How I do I reset the user access password.

If yes, is there something to the directions in the above link that I should pay close attetion to because I followed them exactly and the passsword I set doesn't seem to work.

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mikebernhardtConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The user access password is NOT the enable password. It is configured on line con 0.

you might be best off to do the following:

1. break into the router per instructions (confreg 0x2142, etc.
2. when you have enable access to the router, go into config mode
3. type config-reg 0x2102. Exist from config mode
4. type "erase mem"
5. reload the router. when asked if you want to save changes, say NO.
6. When the router reloads, it will have a default blank configuration.
ugh138Author Commented:
That's exactly what I was looking for.
It did the trick.
By the way, the console password is on line con 0. the telnet user password is on the vty lines.
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