IP Routing Problems - Node Type? I'm Stumped

Hello all,

I'm pulling my hair out on an issue I'm having at a client site.  Basically two sites configured statically and connected via ISDN through two Cisco 1700 series routers.  The networks are and  Everything is working fine and the hosts can communicate back and forth between networks except for this one little pain-in-the-you-know-what laptop I'm trying to add.  I have local network connectivity with it and can ping locally but when I try to traverse the WAN - no go.

I tried using one of the other workstations IP's on the new laptop and have the same issue so it's not the IP address.  I started looking for differences in the ipconfig and the only thing I can see is "node type" on the laptop is "unknown" and on the other stations they are "hybrid".  

If I understand correctly, this is for DNS/WINS name resolution.  Could this be affecting my layer 3 connectivity?

Thanks in advance for any help.

As I was writing this I remembered that this is an XP Home machine and that it may have additional firewall software (already disabled Windows firewall).  A firewall rule would explain the ICMP on the LAN but not the WAN thing.

Either way - could the node type affect their IP connectivity?
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Tim HolmanCommented:
Node type is just for host name resolution, so won't affect L3.  Are you sure the subnet masks are correct ?
If you can turn of the firewall, this may help things out ?

You could reset TCP -

Chris DentPowerShell DeveloperCommented:

Node type defines name resolution order only, it shouldn't effect IP connectivity.

How about something like a Firewall on the Laptop?
Chris DentPowerShell DeveloperCommented:

hehe good timing :)
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Why don't you debug on the cisco routers to see what is happening.
Obvious question, here. What is the laptops default gateway? If others can communicate between the sites, the routing is correct. If yuo can communicate locally then to go to teh remopte site teh pc uses its defalut gateway to send packets when it isnt on its local lan.

Can you ping the ethernet interface of the 1700 rotuer on the local side?
Are the subnet masks correct?
Are there any access lists applied?

ttist25Author Commented:
I talked with the IT person at the satellite.  They hadn't actually disabled the firewall.  Now we're having an issue trying to find an open IP (they have no DHCP server and the "list" hasn't been updated in a while.

I'll post back again soon.
ttist25Author Commented:
I'm awarding points to Tim as he was first to answer my original question - could node type affect L3 connectivity.
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