Setting up a backup mail server, and I cannot figure out a to test it without bringing anything down.

I have a backup mail server which I am configuring, and I think I have it all configured the problem is I can't test this setup without bringing down our primary mail server.  Is there a way, like a host file for sendmail on a test email server that I can configure to simulate a primary mail server down situation, or should I approach this a different way?
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bobgunzelConnect With a Mentor Commented: and will do some basic testing.
ChireruConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Run a telnet to the secondary server like so:

<=type, >=recieve from server

< telnet 25
< helo
>250 helo
< mail from:
>250 OK
< rcpt to:
>250 OK
< data
>354 begin
<Subject: This is a test
<If this is set up properly, the headers of this email should read "received from [your IP], received from secondary mx, then delievered by the primary mx."

Try it using an email address on the secondary, then try it again using an email somewhere else that you can check (it should DENY the message to a non-yourdomain address).
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