cant register nlsxbe.dll with rgsvr32 0x80029c4a

Recently crashed my disk drive and after getting it rebuilt, my VBA application using 'Louts notes automation classes' (i think).  Anyway, after getting errors on the domino objects when compiling the vba code, i tried to register nlsxbe.dll, but get the following error: DllRegisterServer in nlsxbe.dll failed. Return code was 0x80029c4a.

I tried reinstalling the client, but no luck and then tried unregistering the dll, but no luck.

thanks for you help!!!!!!
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WHat's ur notes version, and do you have 2 different versions in the same machine?

backwaterdogsAuthor Commented:
The current version is 6.0.2cf2 july 23 2003, but after getting the above error i tried downloading and installing a trial version of designer, and it may have installed a 6.5 notes client over.  After this trial failed, I reinstalled the 6.02cf2 version and to the best of my knowledge it is the only version on the system.


backwaterdogsAuthor Commented:
I was able to get some help and register the dll.

regsvr32 "C:\program files\lotus\notes\nlsxbe.dll"

resulted in a successful registration of the .dll, i was trying to do the same in a command window, but was getting errors!?!?!?

however, i'm still having problems, the declaration: Public session As New Domino.NotesSession in a vba file generates the following error when trying to compile:  'can't find project or library', then the refrences box pops, so i'm certain i'm missing another dll somewhere.

thanks, i'm closing this question and will start a new one.
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