How to check what user accounts are logged on to computers in an AD domain

Hey Guys, got a work related question. I am trying to push out filemaker to the whole company via AD. We normally use SMS, but it is not functional and we have to do this asap. Since our computer objects in AD are all lumped into one OU and not put in their appropriate department OU's, I have no way of knowing for sure what computers a particular set of users is logging into. Our naming convention is a god awful mess so that does not help me in identifying each users coresponding pc either.

Since pushing an app out to every pc in the domain at once would be, well, stupid, I need to push it out to 10-20 pc's a night and alert the users to reboot their system to apply the GPO with the software push. Pushing it out as on a user level gpo isn't a good idea because the policy may be applied to certain machines they log into that don't need the app. Therefore, I need to know what machines each user logs into. So, my question is, do you guys know of any tool that I can query the domain to see what pc's our users are currently logged into. I tried psloggedon, but that was not incredibly accurate. Any thoughts?
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