Swapping 36 Gig Drives

We have a Raid 5 setup with 36 GB drives, 3 drives with one online hot spare. We would like to replace all 36 GB with 72GB drives. Has anyone tried to replace a drive at a time and let the parity information build on the hot spare, once done move to the next and replace the next until all become 72 GB drivest? This solution sounds different I know but the question is has anyone done this? This would prevent rebuilding a server and doing a restore.
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Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
One thing to keep in mind.  Swapping the drives will NOT increase the array size.  You will need to use some sort of software tool to extend the RAID volume to gain access to all the added new space.  I'm not familiar with HP servers, but I'm fairly certain they have such a tool.  But again, before ever using such a tool, MAKE BACKUPS.

Only link I can provide at the moment is:

Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
No, this is generally what's recommended - -if you're not going to backup the entire disk first and restore it to a newly created RAID 5.  For safety, that's the better choice, but in 99 out of 100 instances, what you want to do should work just fine.  Regardless of whether you use a backup to restore, make sure you have a backup that is GOOD.
microITAuthor Commented:

Thanks for the quick response. I will award you the points. Can you tell me since this is recommended where I might find documentation about this process? Any suggestions would be great. I was also thinking about the Array Controller Utility that comes with HP Proliant servers since that is what we are using but i'm not sure if we can take away with that utility, i know you can add.

Any documentation on the swapping drive by drive until they are all 72 would be much appreciated. Thanks again for the quick response.
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