windows update fails to load

I am running windows 2000 server... with exchange 2000.   ran windows update ... find 6 updates ... seems to go through then right at the end says updates failed to install.... please click on review and install updates... tried restarting and disabling anit-virus ... so far no luck.  

any suggestions?
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mattisflonesConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Thats MS for you! :-)
Try searching for the updates in the windows catalogue, with an addition of "administrative download".. then you can save them locally and install them from there.
Zoldy2000Author Commented:
although this did not solve my problem directly it did help me find the issue.   Thank you... the problem was no disk space on drive c.   I had an application generating log files that were never purged.   Thanks again...
:-) Well, glad i could help..
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