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Expanding TreeView Nodes

I am currently writing a custom control for a project that emulates windows explorer. This control has a TreeView which contains the folder structure of the system. Instead of loading each and every one of the file systems folders into this TreeView at startup, I have it so that when a node is clicked, it automatically creates child nodes from that nodes path (the path being contained in the nodes tag). I am using the AfterSelect event of the tree view to handle this operation.

The problem I am having is when I click on the Plus sign next to a node and expand it, my method for adding sub directories to that node does not fire off. If I actually select the node's icon (or text), it works just fine. I have tried using the AfterExpand event in addition to AfterSelect, but no dice. I even tried using BeforeSelect and BeforeExpand, but no dice there either.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how I can get the TreeView to respond when I expand a node? I'm sure it's easy, but I'm at a loss here. I hope this makes sense.
1 Solution
I have tried event BeforeExpand and it work well.
Here is example code

using System.IO;
using System.Windows.Forms;
using System.Drawing;

class DirectoryTreeView: TreeView

    // This is the class constructor.

    public DirectoryTreeView () {

        // Make a little more room for long directory names.

        this.Width *= 2;

        // Get images for tree.

        this.ImageList = new ImageList();

            this.ImageList.Images.Add(new Bitmap(@"..\..\ExplorerStyleViewer\35FLOPPY.BMP"));
            this.ImageList.Images.Add(new Bitmap(@"..\..\ExplorerStyleViewer\CLSDFOLD.BMP"));
            this.ImageList.Images.Add(new Bitmap(@"..\..\ExplorerStyleViewer\OPENFOLD.BMP"));
            // Construct tree.

    // the BeforeExpand event for the subclassed TreeView. See further
    // comments about the Before_____ and After_______ TreeView event pairs in
    // /DirectoryScanner/DirectoryScanner.cs.

    protected override void OnBeforeExpand(TreeViewCancelEventArgs tvcea)


        // For performance reasons and to avoid TreeView "flickering" during an
        // large node update, it is best to wrap the update code in BeginUpdate...
        // EndUpdate statements.


        // Add child nodes for each child node in the node clicked by the user.
        // For performance reasons each node in the DirectoryTreeView
        // contains only the next level of child nodes in order to display the + sign
        // to indicate whether the user can expand the node. So when the user expands
        // a node, in order for the + sign to be appropriately displayed for the next
        // level of child nodes, *their* child nodes have to be added.

            foreach(TreeNode tn in tvcea.Node.Nodes)


    // This subroutine is used to add a child node for every directory under its
    // parent node, which is passed an argument. See further comments in the
    // OnBeforeExpand event handler.

    void AddDirectories(TreeNode tn)


        string strPath = tn.FullPath;

        DirectoryInfo diDirectory = new DirectoryInfo(strPath);
            DirectoryInfo[] adiDirectories;

        try {

            // Get an array of all sub-directories DirectoryInfo objects.

            adiDirectories = diDirectory.GetDirectories();

       } catch

        foreach(DirectoryInfo di in adiDirectories)

            // Create a child node for every sub-directory, passing in the directory
            // name and the images its node will use.

            TreeNode tnDir = new TreeNode(di.Name, 1, 2);

            // Add the new child node to the parent node.


            // We could now fill up the whole tree by recursively calling
            // AddDirectories():
            //   AddDirectories(tnDir)
            // This is way too slow, however. Give it a try!


    // This subroutine clears out the existing TreeNode objects and rebuilds the
    // DirectoryTreeView, showing the logical drives.

    public void RefreshTree()

        // For performance reasons and to avoid TreeView "flickering" during an
        // large node update, it is best to wrap the update code in BeginUpdate...
        // EndUpdate statements.


        // Make disk drives the root nodes.

        string[] astrDrives = Directory.GetLogicalDrives();

        foreach(string strDrive in astrDrives)
                  TreeNode tnDrive = new TreeNode(strDrive, 0, 0);

            // Set the C drive the default selection.
            if (strDrive == @"C:\")
                this.SelectedNode = tnDrive;
Thora_FanAuthor Commented:
Thanks. The problem I was having was that I WASN'T adding sub nodes right away. Did that and it fixed the problem.

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