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    I have a Portal that uses Forms Based Authentication. When the user enter a valid user and password, my app generates a tiket informing that the user was logged. With this, I could see restricted pages on my portal. Then, i get a link to a secure page and save it to the clipboard. After this, i click on the logout button, that call the FormsAuthentication.SignOut method. So, the system points me back to my login page. But, if I try to access the address that i copied to the clipboard without re authenticate, the system permits the vizualization. Does anybody knows what could be wrong?

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nauman_ahmedConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You have to add like the following code in your page_load event in the pages that required authentication:

If User.Identity.IsAuthenticated Then
    'display Credential information
    displayCredentials.InnerHtml = "Current User : <b>" & User.Identity.Name & "</b>" & _
       "<br><br>Authentication Used : <b>" & User.Identity.AuthenticationType & "</b>"
    'Display Error Message
    displayCredentials.InnerHtml = "Sorry, you have not been authenticated."
  End If

Best, Nauman.
Checkout the following article:

Best, Nauman.
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