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Migrate Windows NT to Sun Solaris

Just wonder do you have any ideas in regards of Solaris Vs Windows for the following queries. I am trying to migrate from a Windows NT box to a sun Solaris and would like to know the implication of the migration.

1    Compatability with existing Oracle objects (eg. functions, procedures,    packages)

2 Compatability with other software (eg.  BDE, PL/SQL Developer,DELPHI)

3 Compatability with replication processes/services

4   Migration issues from Solaris to Windows (eg. when we need to setup our own environment here with 'real' data)

5 Prod to Preprod/Test refresh issues/timings

6  The PATH Environment Variable

7  UNIX v Windows NT - filenaming Considerations

1 Solution
Congratulations. Once you make this move, you'll wonder why you waited so long.

1) I have no *direct* experience with this, but I'll note that when the software engineers at Oracle sit down to write the Oracle package, their development platform is Solaris. Everything else is a code port, including Windoze. I'd worry about compatibility issues more if you were going in the reverse direction. Naturally, filesystem references will change.

2) You'll have to check with those folx - also depends on where you run that stuff

3) Should be fine

4) Generally, you'll have LESS issues. Fewer vulnerabilities, less patching, etc. Hard to give specific advice without knowing exactly which VERSION of Solaris you're moving to.

5) Any would probably be quite specific to your environment

6) Functions quite different than in Windoze, and there are more PATHs (LDPATH, MANPATH, etc). Also differs based on the shell you select.

7) *NIX (ufs) filenames are case-sensitive at all times - generally the filesystem in Solaris is more robust than in Windoze

Again, kinda difficult getting really specific without knowing more about the environment. I assume Solaris will be running just Oracle, right? You're not moving, say, file and print services to it?
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