Login failed for User sa in Remoting.net and RMI

i have strange problem
1:i have been working on remoting project  with sql server database on different server
authentication works well. now i have changed the server and export database to my local server.
i check the connection in a simple c# window project and it work fine retriving data.
but when i try the same connection in Remoting project it give me eexception "Login failed for user sa"
no sa problem and password problem koz it is working in simple window project.
 same problem occurs in Java RMI
and same error generates
i use ODBC in RMI and ODBC works fine and tested successfully.
for RMI i uses the same database and tables.
it was also working fine it was on differnt server.

if it is sa or password problem or ip problem then why it is working fine in other Projects.

kindly guide me.
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moduloConnect With a Mentor Commented:
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Check whether your local server is configured so that remoting can work
I guess there are configuration differences between the servers


Also check if there is a firewall between where the remoting object is hosted and the local server...

i think one of the above reasons may cause the issue. Hope it is of help. Apologies if it doesnt

try specifying either "persist security info" either as true or false (forgot whicht one it had to be but my guess is "true") in your connection string.
although iirc that behaves weird with the sa account so you might want to change to a normal user account (which is always a good idea anyway)
KlusnerAuthor Commented:
Ok problem solved

 i  was sending password as parmater to function where connection is coded but i never conconate the password. on previous server the sqlserver the password was emty therefore code didnt mind and executed and nver able to detect the bug.
when i specify other  server name , well it definitaly require password and therefore i was unable to detect the bug.
now conconate the password parameter in the string and works fine now
now ssi integrated stuff i included koz the connection string works okay in other projects. it was only a parameter concanation mistake
thanks for help
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