any sata raid cards supported with native support by linux

Im looking for a 2 channel sata raid card just to do mirroring that would have native support (i wouldnt have to mess with loading the modules this and that) and that would have true raid not software crap...
looking for brands and recommendations...

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cjl7Connect With a Mentor freelance for hireCommented:
Hi, has what you need...

About "this and that" I don't know...

T0maszAuthor Commented:
wesly_chen :
I bought the 1210SA but when slackware 10.1 boots none of the kernel images support it... Id really like to avoid building one myself... any recommendations? Which linux distribution did you have in mind when answering my question?(which one nativly supports 1210SA?)
//jonas: 3ware are awesome controller but IO couldnt find anyone local or that could overnight it to be so....

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wesly_chenConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Could you try Knoppix LiveCD 3.7?
T0maszAuthor Commented:
no, why would I need knoppix? I want a full linux distribution for my asterisk server with a raid sata drives in mirroring... I made peace with that the 1210 adaptec is a POS.. its a softraid... but now I actually have to compile my own kernel for this and put it on the installaton cd?

BlazConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Fedora Core 3 has builtin i2o linux driver which can drive several RAID cards.


I have successfully installed FC3 on a machine with Adaptec 2400 controler and disks in RAID array. I installed it out of the box - no modules need to be loaded or anything.
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