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Browser in Window XP crashes after 5 seconds no matter what!

Hi, I recently wiped out a drive and reinstalled the os XP.  Everything seems to be fine.  I partitioned the drive using FAT.  Installed all the drives.  Now everytime I try to get on the internet, it crashes after about 5 seconds.  This only happens when I try to get on the internet.  Please help me!  So frustrated.  I try to get into the windows update and as soon as the page comes up, it goes back down.

What I have tried:
Microsoft anti software before I connect to the internet.
Microsoft malicious software removal.
IE 6 the newer version.
zone alarm.
Microsoft debugging tools.
symantec support / virus check
sasser worm removal tools found on download.com but no sasser worm can be found.

By the way, when I first got on the internet for the first time, I got and error message something about lsa shell which relates to the sasser worm but no sasser worm can be found with the softwares that I used.  Also on the first time I got in Windows tried to shut me down and I stopped it using shutdown -a.
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1 Solution
Start with this guide and report back afterwards with a HiJackThis scan:

HiJackThis: http://www.tomcoyote.org/hjt/

It looks like you got hit with something prior to an update.

In order to get the latest Antivirus updates and antispyware, you may need to get them on to a floppy disk or CDR and then go to SafeMode as shown in the directions.

Also, it may just be faster to reformat and start over since you just did that...
Only thing is that you need to get a FIREWALL in front of your system.  

According to SANS, the average time it takes for a machine to be probed that is connected to the Net is 28 minutes and to be hit with malware is under an hour. A network or host firewall needs to protect your system, then patch it, and ensure your Antivirus and Antispyware are running and up-to-date.
nader alkahtaniNetwork EngineerCommented:
Before you connect to internet blok all ports exept 8080 and 80 then update AV and OS  

then do full scan with AV

Note :there is no Real Time security program like NAV and Mcafee or kasperky just you have removal tool !!

install it with its updates then patch OS

good luck
Youmentioned "blok all ports exept 8080 and 80 ",
How to do that?
nader alkahtaniNetwork EngineerCommented:

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