ISA 2000 - could it be throttling my bandwidth ?

Hello there.

I'm (still) no expert with ISA 2000 - but it sits there happy enough, with pretty much the default installation on our Single Domain topology.

We recently upgraded to a 2meg SDSL line - but the reports I'm getting from online tests report that I'm getting about 1.4meg downstream and 750kbs upstream ... which is pretty short of the 1.5 you would expect up.

I called my ISP who confirmed that I should get approx 1.5 or more in both directions and it's been set up correctly.

I wonder if my ISA Server could be holding back on bandwidth (throttling?) - i've checked the default bandwith rule and it's just set as it was in installation.

Any pointers ?


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Hmm...Most of the speed tests ( Example DSLReports) use some servers hosted somewhere to test multiple sites. So we cant just believe these test results. And one more trick is the Bandwidth your ISP offering is between you & ISP. That doesnt mean that you can expect the same bandwidth from any server in the internet.
This is very tricky as we always tend to look in to technical things rather than unique marketing stuff or promoting stuff...

For your case i suggest you to upload a big file to one of your local FTP server and check the speed. Same goes for download as well..

I suggest you to use MRTG for better management and monitoring. Its pretty easy and very good to have..
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