File Properties: Advanced Attributes: Encrypt

Can someone explain how the 'Encrypt' tickbox in the advanced file attributes works.

I thought it encrypted the file so that it can only be viewd by the user who encrypted it. But when I co0py the file accross the network to a server with a different login, I can open the file and it is still plain text.
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Rich RumbleConnect With a Mentor Security SamuraiCommented:
This is how EFS works ( I assume your doing the following;en-us;307877&sd=tech  )
EFS will only keep files encrypted if they are on NTFS drives, so if you encrypted the file/folder on ntfs, and copied it to a FAT or other format that is not NTFS, the encryption is lost.
Administrators and or owners of files can read EFS encrypted files
astromexAuthor Commented:
Yeas thats the one. Thanks for the links.
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