recording performance?

Is there anyway to record a baseline cpu/memory usage in windows 2000? Isnt there a built in tool for this?

I'm doing some testing in the lab. I need to do a baseline run before installing 3rd party software. Trying tos ee how much stress the software puts on the cpu/memory once it is running.
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yronnenConnect With a Mentor Commented:
On start menu choose Run... and type perfmon
This will run the Windows 2000 performance monitor and will allow you to add counters (such as CPU usage and many more). It will also allow you to save the results and view them using many types of software, because the file is saved as CSV.
dissolvedAuthor Commented:
It looks like it is disabled on this current win2k box. It works on every other machine (when I type perfmon),
but on this particular desktop im using (medical device workstation) it does not work.

Are there any 3rd party tools that can record remotely or locally to a log file. ?
dissolvedAuthor Commented:
ok i got it working

How do i set it up to just record cpu usage and memory usage like task manager does
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