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Secure means for an outside vender to access their unix server remotely, without an external modem.

Hi all,
 I am moving my entire rig and want to find another way, besides an external modem, for an outside vender to connect to their UNIX server.  The server is a NCR MP-RAS svr4 UNIX system (prompt based).  I have only limited experience with UNIX, so any links or literature would be welcome.  Any ideas and how to implement them would be greatly appreciated.  
2 Solutions
>>without an external modem.

Is your Unix server conetion to a nework, can access to the internet without a modem?
If not, you do need a modem for remote access.

Do you have firewall install in your system? the remote access should have secure connection (eg, use secure shell login to the system, NOT telnet).
fnbgpplAuthor Commented:
  machine is connected to a server that has internet access.  The system is all behind a firewall, but it is not cisco and I do not believe it supports vpn with unix.  What is secure shell roughly?  and why not telnet, or ftp?
>  What is secure shell roughly?
 ssh - secure shell
ssh is a replacement for traditional telnet/rlogin where all traffic is encrypted

> and why not telnet, or ftp?
they are insecure, passing passwords as clear text etc.
Possily the easiest way if you are on modems right now is to use a terminal concentrator (sometimes also called a terminal server).

This device connects to the network and has some (2, 4, 8 or 16, depending on the model) serial ports.

You connect the serial ports at the same place where you connected your modems so far. Then you use ssh to connect from the internet to this terminalconcentrator and to your unix-box.


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