Problem printing Quickbooks 2005 Invoices in Windows XP Pro.

I have a client that is printing Quickbooks 2005 invoices from her Windows XP Pro system. She is printing thru a network to  another computer with a Brother Laser printer connected locally. It used to print very quickly with no problems. Now it will print an invoice, pause, and then print the next invoice. After 10 or so invoices, it shrinks the invoice to half size and continues to print. They need to print checks later today so I need to get this fixed! Help!
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wyliecoyoteukConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Make sure that the spooler setting is "start printing after the last page is spooled"
Check available disk space on the PCs (especially C: drive)

How much memory is in the Brother laser printer?  For any 600 dpi monochrome laser printer, you should have 6 to 8 megabytes of memory installed (and that's a minimum) to ensure trouble-free printing.  Some of these printers come with only 2 megabytes, so I'd look at increasing that if that's the case.  Also, what changed between when "it used to work" and now?
Gd11000Author Commented:
I set the local computer that was connected to the printer to "start printing..." and no callbacks. So I assume that was the problem. Thanks!
Glad thta worked.
The symptom is due to timeouts.
Probably the network or one of the PCs, (either the host or the one with the shared printer) has slowed down for some reason- extra workload, running out of disk space, disk fragmentation, etc.
Making the setting "start printing after the last page is spooled" ensures that the job is spooled, then transmitted as a whole, instead of piecemeal, thus reducing the time between pages.
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