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Switch VLAN and Trunking

I am splitting up my network between business units. The new network will have its own internet connection, distrubution switches and core switches.  Company A has a IP schema of 10.100.x.x and Company B has a newtwork schema of 10.50.x.x. Company A has a nortel passport as the core and the company B has a Cisco 3750 as its core.  What I want to do is trunk the switches so that Comapny A subnet can talk to 10.50.x.x.  I am not sure if the Cisco 3750 is a L3 switch but I have a 2600 that can act as a RPM.

I am a bit cloudy on the config so any help would be apreciated.

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1 Solution
Yes, the 3750 is a L3 switch.
Create a new VLAN that just connects between the 3750 and the Passport, or just put an IP address directly on one interface of the 3750 and connect it to an interface on the passport with the same IP subnet.
You can use RIP to learn routes from each other. Unless you have the Enhanced version of IOS on the 3750, you won't have advanced routing functions like OSPF, but you can always use static routes on both the 3750 and the passport..

10.100.x.x -- passport <--10.25.25.x---> 3750 --- 10.50.x.x

 3750 basic config (from memory, so syntax should at least be close)
interface Fast 0/2  <== interface connected to Passport
  ip address
interface VLAN1
  ip address
ip route <== IP addressed assigned on Passport
ip route 10.50.x.x

mmahaneyAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the quick post....
The only issue I am having is that I cannot put an IP address on the interface...

mi-cat3750.electric.(config)#int gigabitEthernet 1/0/12
Interface configuration commands:
  arp                     Set arp type (arpa, probe, snap) or timeout
  auto                    Configure Automation
  bandwidth               Set bandwidth informational parameter
  bgp-policy              Apply policy propogated by bgp community string
  carrier-delay           Specify delay for interface transitions
  cdp                     CDP interface subcommands
  channel-group           Etherchannel/port bundling configuration
  channel-protocol        Select the channel protocol (LACP, PAgP)
  dampening               Enable event dampening
  default                 Set a command to its defaults
  delay                   Specify interface throughput delay
  description             Interface specific description
  dot1x                   Interface Config Commands for 802.1x
  duplex                  Configure duplex operation.
  exit                    Exit from interface configuration mode
  fair-queue              Enable Fair Queuing on an Interface
  flow-sampler            Attach flow sampler to the interface
  flowcontrol             Configure flow operation.
  help                    Description of the interactive help system
  hold-queue              Set hold queue depth
  ip                      Interface Internet Protocol config commands
mi-cat3750.electric.(config-if)#ip ?
Interface IP configuration subcommands:
  access-group  Specify access control for packets
  arp           Configure ARP features
  dhcp          DHCP
  igmp          IGMP interface commands
  igmp          IGMP interface commands
  verify        verify
Try this:
c3750(config)#int gig 1/0/12
c3750(config-if)#no switchport
c3750(config-if)#ip address

mmahaneyAuthor Commented:
Cool...thanks that worked.....you saved my ass.
I don't know why I was thinking that was more complex than it was.

Thanks again,
Glad to help!
I've been guilty of the same thing - trying to overcomplicate things that have a pretty simple solution...

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