how to open 2 forms in 2 separate desktops (using multimonitor feature)


i need to open 2 additional forms from the main menu. i have multimonitor configuraion and each form shoul dbe opened in separate monitor. how do i enumerate number of desctops(monitors) and how to make it show on different than defailt monitos?

thanks in advance
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Test if this simple soultion will work, otherwise look at the rest of this explanation

This is the default monitor where form appear
dmDesktop     No attempt is made to position the form on a specific monitor.
dmPrimary     The form is positioned on the first monitor listed in the global screen object’s Monitors property.
dmMainForm     The form appears on the same monitor as the application’s main form.
dmActiveForm     The form appears on the same monitor as the currently active form.

defaultmonitor have no efect if application dont have a mainform

screen.monitorcount    is a variable where is the number of monitors

screen.Monitors[Index: Integer]: TMonitor;  is the all the monitors awiable to the sistem

form1.monitor prowides acces where for the monitor where form is appear;

procedure MakeFullyVisible(AMonitor: TMonitor = nil);

wery usefull comand to make shure the moinitor is tha fully visible
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