Passing Arrays via URLs

Posted on 2005-04-14
Last Modified: 2010-04-25
I am creating a calculator program that allows a user to enter multiple entries and does extensive calculations after each entry and upon final entry. Upon final entry, I would like to not only display the results, but also all Input entries that the user typed.  I am currently using a form to enter data and a second program to do running/final calculations.  I can't seem to get an array to hold each entry and pass back and forth between programs for the final output.   The final calculations are correct, I just can't display all of the user entries.   can someone please give me a suggestion?  Thanks, Rhonda  
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    Accepted Solution


    For the storage of all the entries, I suggest the following method

    Using a string to store it.

    Say for an example

    When the user have the following entries

    1 + 2 =
    * 3 =
    / 4 =

    somthing like this
    then you can store it in a single variable like

    stored_entry = "1+2=|*3=|/4"
    here I use the "|" as a delimiter

    If you are using a HTML form to pass the thing
    You can declare the variable by

    <input name="stored_entry" type="hidden">

    Hope you got my idea

    Author Comment

    Thanks Vicker,
      Let me give a sample code and see if you might have another idea.
    Input screen:

    <cfform name="CalcForm" onsubmit="return isValidForm(CalcForm)" action="PAB_calc.cfm" method="get">
    <cfoutput>tot-income = #url.tot_income#</cfoutput>
      <table borderColor="#808000" borderColorDark="#808080" cellPadding="10" width="100%"
      borderColorLight="#c0c0c0" border="3">
          <Input Type="Hidden" Name="payperiods" value="#url.payperiods#" >
          <Input Type="Hidden" Name="tot_percent" value="#url.tot_percent#" >
          <Input Type="Hidden" Name="tot_dollar" value="#url.tot_dollar#">
          <Input Type="Hidden" Name="systype" value="#systype#">
                <Input Type="Hidden" Name="tot_income" value="#url.tot_income#" >
    <Input Type="Hidden" Name="tot_agency_match" value="#url.tot_agency_match#" >
          <p><b><font face="Arial"
          color="#000080" size="4">Compute Makeup Contributions to 401K systems</font></b></td>
        <tr align="center">
          <td vAlign="top" align="left" width="100%" color="#000080"><p><font face="Arial" color="#000080">
                <font face="Arial" color="#000080">Enter your basic Pay $:
              <input size="10" maxlength="7" name="income" value="<cfoutput>#url.income#</cfoutput>" ><!---onChange="return isDollarAmt(this)" > --->
    </font></td></tr><tr> <td vAlign="top" align="left" width="100%" color="#000080"><p>
            <font face="Arial" color="#000080">Enter percentage of basic pay that you wish to compute:
                <input maxLength="2" size="2" name="cont_percent" value="0" onChange="return isValidContPercent(CalcForm)">
              for each pay period.</font></p>
            <p align="left"> <font color="#000080" face="Arial"><strong><center>or &nbsp;<br></center></strong></font></p>
            <p><font face="Arial" color="#000080">Enter the dollar amount  $
           <input size="10" maxlength="7" name="payperiod_amt" value="0"> for each pay period.</font></p><p></p>  </td>
        </tr><tr> <td vAlign="top" align="left" width="100%" color="#000080"><p>
          <p><font face="Arial" color="#000080">Enter the number of pay periods:
              <input maxLength="2" size="2" name="period" value="0" onChange="return isNumberGE0(this)">
          <p><font face="Arial" color="#000080">Enter amount of contributions already made to other 401K systems $
           <input size="10" maxlength="7" name="other_amt" value="0"> </font></p>
          <p><font color="#000080" face="Arial">Enter all Matching contributions made to the other 401K Accounts $
              <input size="10" maxlength="7" name="umatch_amt" value="0"> </font></p>
       <tr align="center">
          <td vAlign="top" align="left" width="100%" color="#000080"><p><font face="Arial" color="#000080">If you have more than one amount for mulitiple pay periods, Click the &quot;Enter more Pay Period Information&quot; button. When you have entered all pay periods that you want to compute, Click on the &quot;Calculate&quot; button.
                  <INPUT TYPE="submit" name="add" VALUE="Enter more Pay Period Information" >
            <input type="submit" name="calculate"  value="Calculate">
            <INPUT TYPE="reset" VALUE="Reset"></TD>


    ----------------Second program that does the calculations and returns to the form for more input------------------------
    -------------I've only included the section that calculates the multiple entries and keeps running totals------------------
    ------------When the user is finished entering all data, there are final total calculations done and displayed-------------
    -------- I need an array (or some simple way) to pass ALL input values to the final display page.  They could enter-------
    -------from 1 to as many entries as they need to.  This would probably be a max of 10 screen entries, but  ------------------
    --------mutiple fields.  So, I need to carry a table of maybe 6 fields, 10 different values, plus all totals ----------------------
    -------This is why I was looking to pass an array.  Thanks-------------------------------------------------------------------------
    <TITLE>401K Calculator, Projecting Account Balance, Results</TITLE>
    <cfparam name="form.systype" default="">
    <cfparam name="form.cont_percent" default=0>
    <cfparam name="form.income" default=0>
    <cfparam name="form.payperiod_amt" default=0>
    <cfparam name="form.other_amt" default=0>
    <cfparam name="form.period" default=0>
    <cfparam name="form.tot_income" default=0>


    form.systype = #form.systype#
    form.cont_percent = #form.cont_percent#
    form.income = #form.income#
    form.payperiod_amt = #form.payperiod_amt#
    form.period = #form.period#
    form.uniform_amt = #form.other_amt#
    form.tot_dollar = #tot_dollar#
    form.tot_percent = #form.tot_percent#
    form.tot_income = #form.tot_income#


    <cfset tot_income = #form.tot_income# + #form.income#>

         <cfset tot_dollar = #form.tot_dollar# + (#form.payperiod_amt# * #form.period#)>
           <cfset percent = form.cont_percent / 100>
         <cfset tot_percent = form.tot_percent + ((form.income * percent) * form.period)>
           <cfset tot_uniform_amt = form.uniform_amt>
           <cfset tot_income = form.tot_income + (form.income * form.period)>
                 <cfset percent4 = 4 / 100>
          <cfset percent5 = 5 / 100>
          <cfset percent3 = 3 / 100>
          <cfset percent2 = 2 / 100>
          <cfset agency_pct1 = ((percent - percent3) / 2) + percent3>
    <!---step 5d   --->
          <cfif form.payperiod_amt gt 0>
                <cfset percent = form.payperiod_amt / 10000>
                dollar_percent = #percent#
          <!---step 5a, b, c   --->
          <cfif other_amt eq 0>
                <cfif percent eq percent5 or percent gt percent5>
                      <cfset agency_match = (form.income * percent4) * form.period>
                <cfelseif percent eq percent3 or percent lt percent3>
                      <cfset agency_match = (form.income * percent) * form.period>
                    <cfset agency_pct1 = ((percent - percent3) / 2) + percent3>
                      <cfset agency_match = (agency_pct1 * form.income) * form.period>
                <cfset tot_agency_match = form.tot_agency_match + agency_match>
                <cfset percent = ((uniform_amt / tot_income) * 100) / 100>
                <cfif percent eq percent5 or percent gt percent5>
                      <cfset agency_match = (form.income * percent4) * form.period>
                <cfelseif percent eq percent3 or percent lt percent3>
                      <cfset agency_match = (form.income * percent) * form.period>
                    <cfset agency_pct1 = ((percent - percent3) / 2) + percent3>
                      <cfset agency_match = (agency_pct1 * form.income) * form.period>
                <cfset tot_agency_match = form.tot_agency_match + agency_match>

    <!---return to form program to add multiple entries   --->
    <cfif isdefined("form.add")>
         <SCRIPT LANGUAGE='JavaScript'>
            location = ("pab_intro.cfm?tot_agency_match=#tot_agency_match#&tot_income=#tot_income#&systype=#form.systype#&income=#form.income#&tot_dollar=#tot_dollar#&tot_percent=#tot_percent#&payperiods=#payperiods#") ;

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    Assisted Solution

    You can also load all the inputs into a session
    CF sessions:

    ...think of your user's calculations as a "shopping cart"...each time they run the calc, an item gets added to the cart.
    Using session, you can manipulate it a bit easier than using a hidden field with one long string....

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