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We have about 7 HP 5200 scanners in our school.  On one of the scanners, the lamp light keeps flashing really quickly and I'm unsure why or what to do.  

I have searched HP's Technical support and on the web and found nothing.  I have only just been alerted to the fact, so I don't know how long it has been like this.  

I have tried a switching it off/on, put in a new power supply, taken it to a new socket, reinstalled the driver and nothing happens.  

Has anybody else had an occurrence like this.   It may just be that its knackered.  But you know working in a school, they are too tight to buy a new one in case they need to spend some money.  
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According to HP, a flashing lamp in an HP scanner generally means a hardware failure. However, they do have some steps to try:
(this sheet is for a different scanner, but the steps still apply in general)

The lamp is a florescent lamp tube, not dissimilar to the backlight of notebook computer or desktop LCD monitor.  Florescent lamps in general can do all sorts of wierd things when they start to die.  In addtion, it's powered, inside the scanner by a high voltage inverter (something like 1,000 volts or so, give or take a few hundred), and they also can get flakey.  Either way, as lherrou said, this is probably a true hardware problem that you probably can't do anything about other than to replace the scanner or have it serviced by HP.
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