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Posted on 2005-04-14
Last Modified: 2008-02-01
I need to extract an icon from a file (usually a data file for an application) and put it into an ImageList. I did this in VB6 using APIs but am having difficulty in

Any code to help me understand appreciated.
Question by:broadbent
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    Accepted Solution

    Public Class Graphics_Library

      ' Determine how many icons a file has.
      Private Declare Function ExtractIconEx _
        Lib "shell32.dll" Alias "ExtractIconExA" _
          (ByVal lpszFile As String, ByVal nIconIndex As Integer, _
          ByRef phiconLarge As Integer, ByRef phiconSmall As Integer, _
          ByVal nIcons As Integer) As Integer

      ' Load the icons from a file.
      Private Declare Function ExtractIcon _
        Lib "shell32.dll" Alias "ExtractIconA" _
         (ByVal hInst As IntPtr, ByVal lpszExeFileName As String, _
          ByVal nIconIndex As Integer) As Integer

      ' Release the icon handle's resources.
      Private Declare Function DestroyIcon _
        Lib "user32" _
          (ByVal hIcon As Integer) As Integer

      ' Handles to each icon.
      Private Shared m_hIcons() As Integer

      Protected Overrides Sub Finalize()


        ' Close all the icon to release their resources.

        Dim countIcons As Integer = m_hIcons.Length

        If countIcons > 0 Then

          For iconIndex As Integer = 0 To countIcons - 1


          Next iconIndex

        End If

      End Sub 'Finalize'

      Public Shared Function ExtractIcons(ByVal filePath As String) As Icon()


          ' Extract all of the regular-sized icons from the file pointed to by
          ' <filePath> to an array of Icon objects.  
          ' NOTE:  Dynamically allocated arrays are used to receive the icon handles.  

          ' Dynamic array to receive handles to the icons.

          ' Return value for API calls.
          Dim retVal As Integer

          ' Application instance handle.
          Dim hInst As IntPtr = Me.hInstance

          ' Determine how many regular icons exist in the file and resize
          ' the array accordingly.
          Dim numIcons As Integer = ExtractIconEx(filePath, -1, 0&, 0&, 0&)

          If numIcons = 0 Then
            Throw New Exception("No icons found in " & filePath)
          End If

          ' Since arrays are 0-based, then set the upper bounds to n-1.
          numIcons -= 1

          ' Resize the arrays to hold all the handles.
          ReDim m_hIcons(numIcons)

          Dim listIcons(numIcons) As Icon

          ' Loop through each icon, creating a bitmap, .
          For currentIcon As Integer = 0 To numIcons

            ' Get all of the icon handles.
            m_hIcons(currentIcon) = ExtractIcon(hInst, filePath, currentIcon)

            Dim handleIcon As New IntPtr(m_hIcons(currentIcon))

            If Not handleIcon.Equals(IntPtr.Zero) Then

              ' Get a bitmap image from the icon handle.
              listIcons(currentIcon) = Icon.FromHandle(handleIcon)

            End If

          Next currentIcon

          ' Return the array of Icon objects.
          Return listIcons

        Catch ex As Exception


        End Try

      End Function 'ExtractIcons'

      Private Shared ReadOnly Property hInstance() As IntPtr
          Return Marshal.GetHINSTANCE([Assembly].GetExecutingAssembly.GetModules()(0))
        End Get
      End Property 'hInstance'

    End Class

    Dim allIcons() As Icon = Graphics_Library(<path to file>)

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    Expert Comment

    by:Bob Learned
    I had to pull this from a larger application, so let me know if you have any questions or problems.

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    Author Comment

    I haven't tried it yet, but it looks very similar to my VB6 code.

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