Citrix ICA - Protocol Driver Error

My users recently began experiencing the following error when attempting to connect to a remote business partners citrix server:

Cannot connect to the Citrix Metaframe server.  Protocol Driver error

I tested the same connection from a laptop outside of the office and it works fine.  Tried from beyond the firewall, but got the same result.  I've tried allowing all traffic to and from their Citrix server IP's on my router for testing but no luck.  

We have also tried different versions of the client, but again its a no go.  

Anyone have any suggestions?
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neteducationConnect With a Mentor Commented:
do you do NAT when connecting to your partners site ?
Is it a dedicated connection or over the internet ?
sohtnaxAuthor Commented:
It's over the internet.  My internal machines have IP addresses which are using PAT.  I did also try it from a public IP past our firewall, without NAT or PAT and had the same issue.  The last device in my way is a loadbalancer, but I opened up all traffic to and from their internet site and citrix servers to ensure traffic wasn't being blocked there.
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