dynamically creating textboxes

i need  sample code for creating textboxs dynamically

i am using following code
but this will create only one textbox!

 Dim tb As New TextBox

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is there a reason why you can't create multiple textboxes dynamically and add 'em into your placeHolder?

dim tb1 as New TextBox
dim tb2 as New TextBox

tb1.Style["Position"] = "Absolute";
tb1.Style["left"] = "175px";
tb1.Style["top"] = "200px"

//do same for tb2


to specify the location of your newly created textboxes, you'd set the style property of your textboxes.

at least it works like that in C#, not so sure about vb.net but I'd imagine syntax very similiar.

Er, so create a loop...

For ...
     Dim tb As New TextBox


While ...
     Dim tb As New TextBox
End While

BasicAuthor Commented:

i want each time i click a button
a new textbox will add to the placeholder

and please tell me how to get values of those textboxes

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