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debug/remove sendmail


I've FedoraCore 2 Linux box. When I start the OS in normal mode, it hangs on "Starting sendmail....". So, everytime I boot up the system, I go to interactive mode by pressing "I" button and select "No" for "Starting sendmail...".

How can I either debug or disable "sendmail" while booting my system.
2 Solutions
I'm not familar with how FC does its startups, but you should look for /etc/init.d - that's the directory in Solaris, I'm not sure its the same in FC, but I think it is.

Anyway, that directory (if it exists) contains scripts for starting/stopping daemons as the system comes up/goes down. Find the one for sendmail and rename/delete it. That'll get it done immediately.

Long-term, figger out which one fo the "rc" scripts calls that script. If it were Solaris, then I'd say look in /etc/rc2.d, but I dunno if that directory exists in FC.
Kien KennedyCommented:
Hi, it's very easy!

1. You boot system into single mode:
From grub menu select -> enter 'e' to edit -> goto line "kernel /vmlinuz-2.6.9-.1667 ro root=/ ..." -> 'e' to edit
->enter "   1" at end of line -> ENTER -> enter 'b' to boot into single mode

2. In single mode
sh-3.00# chkconfig --level 35 sendmail off        
-> to turn off sendmail service

3. Goto level 5 ( Graphic & services )
sh-3.00# telinit 5

--> Ok!

Hope you OK!
It should be noted that sendmail is probably hanging because of issues looking up the DNS for your IP.  This may indicate a problem with /etc/hosts, DNS server on your network, etc.

As linuxvn said, "chkconfig --level 35 sendmail off" will disable sendmail for the future.  There may also be a graphical tool to do this from within your window manager.  Also, sendmail will (eventually) time out when booting.

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