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What port(s) does MSINFO32 use to connect to remote computers?

Using System Information (msinfo32), I can't connect to Remote Computers on my LAN that are running Windows XP SP2 with the firewall enabled.  What port(s) do I need to open up on the firewalled systems to allow msinfo32 to connect?


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It uses UDP 137 and 138 AFAIK. And turning on File and Printer Sharing (allowing in Firewall options) would be enough. If you're unable to connect, see if this applies:

When you try to use the System Information tool, Msinfo32.exe, to connect to a remote a computer that is running Microsoft Windows XP SP2, you receive the following error message:
The connection to computer name could not be established. Check to see that the network path name is correct, that you have sufficient permission to access Windows Management Instrumentation, and that Windows Management Instrumentations is installed on the computer.
Note In this message, computer name is a placeholder.

How to troubleshoot WMI-related issues in Windows XP SP2:
bdorlesterAuthor Commented:
Thanks, sramesh2k.  The MS article gave me all the info I need!
Very welcome, Brian. The Port stuff that I posted may be incorrect, coz i saw some dropped packets from my other system. (Port 135). Glad you got it sorted :-)

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