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Malware cleaning

I work for a school district and we use a product called Clean Slate.  Clean Slate will wipe out any changes that are made to the computer when the user logs off.  This keeps our PCs from getting infected with malware from the internet.  It works great for this purpose, but it has all kinds of other issues with other programs(too numerous to list).

Does anyone know of a product that could be launched before going into Internet Explorer that would allow all the changes on the PC that were made while in IE to be removed.  In other words, I would launch IE... the security product would launch and after leaving IE or after logging off/rebooting, all the changes that occur on the PC at that time would be gone.

Does anyone know of a product like this or have any ideas?
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Sorry, I'm a little unclear here: You wish to remove only changes which were made when IE was running??
What about using firefox


Im using this as default, and don't have any problems with spy/malware.

To make sure all pcs are cleanly restored you might use a good backup solution like acronis trueimage:

Here is a 15 days trial version:

If you can afford another hard drive you can mirror everything and then copy the mirror image back, either during shutdown or at the next power up.

The mirror image would never change automatically.
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I think you should try also deep freeze , however there is a product that can help you better ... he creates like a Virtual Machine and anything that is not according to the Policy goes into the VM and can work proparly but cant damage the OS system ... very simple ... go www.trustware.com ..

btw: i can help you get a Trail version cause they dont give it to anybody cause it is very new technology ... at least according to gartner it is the future of OS protection

brian1963usAuthor Commented:
Painwarlord, it sounds like trustware might be what we need.  I signed up for a free trial.  Extra hard drives would be useless... we have 1,500+ computers... we need some changes to go through.  We can image/mirror or use deep freeze, but then we would have to visit every computer when changes need to be made.

I agree that Firefox is much better than using IE... I use it myself, but unfortunately we have 2 sites that require IE.  One site, https://www.iepdirect.com requires IE.

Painwarloard... we will try trustware's Antimalware.  If no one has anything better, you get the points.
Brain1963us ... i truly beleive that Trustware solution can help .. i have checked it my  self and it's very good security product and the good issue is that it's also very flexible and gives you a good control over users ... the biggest feature is the abitliy to have a tradeoff between the User Security and the ability to maintain the user working Work flow ..

Please be advised that the version currently in the Web site is not current and you sould contact the company casue i know that the newst version has many new features mainly in the Management.

Please contact if you like this guy Eldad he is the Prof service manager .. i know him personaly, his mail is eldad.stainbook@trustware.com he will be able to help you ..



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