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What is a good reliable graphics software package I can use to create designs? Especially those related to framesets?
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HavaganConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Graphics and Web Design are two different animals.

The best raster graphics application is Photoshop. The best vector graphics application is Illustrator (although Freehand has a strong following). These are industry standard applications in the Graphic Design world. For just creating graphics for the web there are many other decent, and much less expensive applications.

The best wysiwyg Web Design program is still largely dependent on personal tastes. I think Macromedia Dreamweaver tops FrontPage any time... but there are many who like FrontPage.

I use Photoshop to create my graphics for my site, Dreamweaver to fine tune the look and feel of my site and I use VisualStudio.NET to build the code that does all the work.

it is related to frameset, i guess frontpage is good

i usually use frontpage
thenrichAuthor Commented:
can I still use frontpage in the context of my ASP.NET app?
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