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Hi all --

I've done some online marketing and have studied web analytics and SEO and stuff, but now I've decided I want to become an absolute expert.  I want to be an expert in analyzing site analytics and doing search engine marketing and A-B testing of shopping cart stats and of PPC campaigns and landing page optimization and all of that, and I want to do it on a large scale.

Anyone -- what books and sites & forums do you recommend??

Thanks a lot.
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Start by reading the questions that are asked on here, in the Web Development and Online Marketing TAs. Also read this section of the help files: Also ready this:

 When you feel ready, start answering questions in those TAs, researching your answers first with the web, books you have, etc. You'll quickly find that answering questions you have a clue one is fun, but answering the ones where you aren't 100% sure will quickly teach you.

There aren't a lot of good books on this topic, in part because it's a moving target. You can search amazon, but your best bet would be websites for specialists.
parkcitykidAuthor Commented:
Thank you very much!  I will do those things.  I appreciate it!
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