HELP PLEASE!!! I locked my server out with GPEDIT.MSC!!!!


I was settign up policies for users on my windows SBS 2k server with gpedit.msc on the server. Well, now even though I am logged in as an administrator, all the lockouts are on effect on the server. I locked out the user of consoles, the run command, etc! I am freaking out, please help! What is it locking out the administrators too? PLEASE HELP< how can i change this?>
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glad you got it...yes, admin is not immune from GPO! :)

for future, if you look at the .adm files on the server, you can decipher which actual registry key each of the group policy options is changing.

If you go here:
I mentioned how to figure it out...
gqchrisAuthor Commented:
Please guys help, I can only access my drives now on the server, I cant access the regedit or anything else!
Login as Administrator as usual and take " full control ".
Administrator account can bypass the access.
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gqchrisAuthor Commented:
How would I enable "Full control"?
gqchrisAuthor Commented:
Heres what I did after flipping  out for two hours!:

Luckily I had not disabled the registry editor. Went in, changed the key, and went back into the gpedit.msc to change what i had messed with. That will teach me to fiddle around with the Group Policies wihtout reserach!!!

gqchrisAuthor Commented:
Yea, Well what happeneded also was that I was editing the local computer policy, not the default domain policy! That will teach me ! Thanks Jammy for that link, it is right on target!
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