setting permissions for home folders for users

i have a folder on our shared drive called users shared as users$.  everytime i new user is added to the company a directory with their name is created under the users folder.

how should i set the permissions on the users$ folder so they can only view the contents of their folder and they cannot list the directors under users$

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joedoe58Connect With a Mentor Commented:
You have to go over every user folder and use the following command from command line
shrflgs \\server\share /abe true /forreal
where you change server and share with your real names.
This can be done trough a batch file though so that you do not have to type it from command line
If you mean that you do not want the user to see other users home folders you have to install sp1 and use the following tool to set the flags on the direcory:
myfootsmellsAuthor Commented:
I DO NOT want users to be able to list the files/folders in users$.  I DO NOT want users to be able to access other users folders in users$.  I DO want them to be able to access their own user folder.
Well that is exactly what you will accomplish if you apply what I told you in the previous comment. This is a new feature in SP1. Still be aware that that SP1 does not work well on SBS yet. PS, With default permissions not even the Administrator can list files in a users home folder
myfootsmellsAuthor Commented:
i'm asking what permissions in need to set for each share
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