Mem.Allocated & Mem.Allocated.Shared is mainly at 40% of Physical RAM

Environment: Windows 2000 server

Because my users have been complaining about performance, i was wondering about this that all my servers including production (w/ 500+ users, 2 Gig RAM) and development (w/ 10-15 users with 1Gig RAM) are showing close to 40% of PhysicalRAM being Allocated.

Development server (w/ 1GB RAM) LN 6.5 Server:
>sh stat mem
  Mem.Allocated = 422841130  <<<<<<<<< 39.4 % of 1072693248 (Physical RAM)
  Mem.Allocated.Process = 16019496
  Mem.Allocated.Shared = 406821634
  Mem.Availability = Plentiful
  Mem.Free = 2,145,120,256
  Mem.PhysicalRAM = 1072693248

Production server (w/ 2 GB RAM) LN 5.0.10 Server:
>sh stat mem
  Mem.Allocated = 866,651,526      <<<<<<<<< 40.4 % of  2,147,483,600 (Physical RAM)
  Mem.Allocated.Process = 16,727,346
  Mem.Allocated.Shared = 883,378,872
  Mem.Availability = Plentiful
  Mem.Free = 5,840,863,231
  Mem.PhysicalRAM = 2,147,483,600

To experiment in development env , I have tried PercentAvailSysResources = 75   and it changed the values
>sh stat mem
  Mem.Allocated = 321703016     <<<<<<<<< 40 % approx of  804257792 (Physical RAM)
  Mem.Allocated.Process = 16014950
  Mem.Allocated.Shared = 305688066
  Mem.Availability = Plentiful
  Mem.Free = 2823741440
  Mem.PhysicalRAM = 804257792

I also tried 80 and 90 percents value and it changed values relatively.

Now, my problem is why i never found the Mem.Allocated or Mem.Allocated.Shared go above 40% on any busy day on the production server?  I have read that notes allocates its memory itself but ..

Is there anything i could do to allocate more memory to the notes server?

It seems like notes server processes has never utilized/utilizing atleast half of the total physical memory. Can i do something to tweek the allocated memory knowing that notes on windows can use upto 2 GB max?
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qwaleteeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Sorry for getting back so late.  92 is low, it should be in the 97 or better range.  You may have to play with NSF_Buffer_Pool-Size.  Domino normally handles this pretty well by itself, unless you have partitioned servers.
brwwigginsIT ManagerCommented:
I don't think I've ever seen a way to make Domino take up more memory. I usually only see methods to reduce the amount of memory available to domino.

I've seen some people use in R6 ConstrainedSHM=1 which will force a 2GB limit on Windows but I don't think that will force the server to use more of that value.
Are you running partiotioned servers?

Anyway, you can't convince DOmino to use memory that it does not need.  On my unloaded dev server, it is currently using 20%, on my (not unreasonably) loaded prod server, I have 44%.
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navgupAuthor Commented:
qualetee: i had the same situation except 1 server that gets heavily loaded during the peak hrs and still i have not seen the memory being used on that box > 40%. So i wondered when my users started to complain about response time.

Now when i experimented few things on dev env (having 1GB of RAM), i found  that if i leave everything to default, the memory would never be utilized above 40%. But when i set the NSF_Buffer_Pool_Size_MB = 819 (80% of 1GB)  and started loading my server with compact, updall, fixup, many users logging in to uses the resources.. i found the mem.Allocated went up to 910334162  which was higher than 80% of Physical RAM (what i specified in the NSF_buffer_pool_size_MB).

I jumped with joy.. seeing that i m now utilizing my unutilized resources on the box.. but yet one thing unknown is what IMPACT this may have when i push it to production having 500+ users? Should i do it or not ?  What are the risks ?

My prd envs are going to be in ND6 soon and Lotus suggests not to use NSFbufferpool size, instead use percentavailsysresources which didnot work in this case. Any ideas/suggestions?
I have always played this by ear. When I start getting % reads from pool below high 90's, that's when trhere were usually issues.
navgupAuthor Commented:
In my case Prd Server 1 shows
Database.BufferPool.PercentReadsInBuffer = 92.26%,
Database.Dbcache.CurrentEntries = 17
Database.Dbcache.HighWaterMark = 166
Database.DbCache.Hits = 277596
Database.DbCache.InitialDbOpens = 497932
Database.DbCache.Lookups = 498124
Database.DbCache.MaxEntries = 2241
Database.DbCache.OvercrowdingRejections = 0
Database.BufferPool.Maximum.MegaBytes = 747
Database.BufferPool.MM.Reads = 1460
Database.BufferPool.MM.Writes = 33
Database.BufferPool.Peak.Megabytes = 746

My %read for pool is between 92-94% as you can see.. Do you think that might be a problem ?

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