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I've got a T1 in my office.  The Cafe down the street has wireless internet and a couple workstations.  Right now, they're on a trial run with a commercial provider and they are doing very very well.... but, the owner can't stand the people who work for that company and his contract is just about up.

He offered me the same contract, but I have to run the show myself.  I would really like to run service from my T1 right into the Cafe, but it is about 250 feet and I'd have to lay the cable across the roof.  I don't like the idea of relying on rj45 for that.

So, what about SERVING dsl?  I have a couple phone lines and a pile of extra machines.  Is it possible to be the dsl provider for the cafe?  If so, can I also send it to my own house?

or.... is this just a pipe dream and I should get some Coax, a couple of new routers and some climbing gear?
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salvagbfConnect With a Mentor Commented:
It's just a pipe dream, you "should get some Coax, a couple of new routers and some climbing gear"

point to point wireless link?  Just throw up a really secure WEP key and you should be set, and use omnidirectional antennas to keep signal from from spreading too badly.
DanielcmorrisAuthor Commented:
we don't have a line of sight and the distance is pretty far.  They already have a wireless and so do we, but the signal is simply to weak to maintain a conenction on either one.  Regardless, it's going to have to be hard-wired or the owner isn't going to go for it.
DanielcmorrisAuthor Commented:
Damn.  I was really hoping I could be a mini-dsl isp.
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