splitting a cell in asp.net

Lets say I create a table on my asp.net web application form via the Table --> Insert -->  Table command available from the menu during form design.

Lets say i inserts  a table of 3 rows and 3 columns.

Now how do I alter the table such that the 1st row, 3rd column cell gets divided into 2 (split the cell into 2).

firstly, how to split horizontally.

secondly, how to split diagonally?

There must be some physical steps, such as 1) highlight the cell, 2) choose this from menu item... etc.

I have tried hard but could not figure it out.  There is an option to merge cells, but I don't see option to split cell.

|           |               |------------ |
|           |               |                |
|           |               |                |

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Splitting cells involves the creation of a table within that cell.  If you want to split the cell horizontally, you have to create a table with 2 rows, each with 1 column.  If you want to split the cell vertically, you have to create a table with 1 row with 2 columns.

Hope this helps.
Look into this article. There had explained how to do it.


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