Display charts on web site from user data

Preparing a site where users enter daily data and it is displayed in chart form. Looking for existing applications / plug-ins for displaying charts from stored data on a web site. Would like flexibility in type of chart chosen, similar to options in Excel charting, but with customization options (Make the pie chart based on a user-selected image, for example.)

Happy to split / increase points as needed.
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What you can use depends on;

1. What web server software you will be using,
2. What server side scripting language you will be using, and
3. What database engine you will be using.

Now if you are using IIS/ASP and Access of SQL server, there are dozens of web charting compnents, Dundas chart being one of the most robust.

If you are using IIS/ASP.NET and Access of SQL server Dundas has a version for .NET as well.

For all the possible chart components available for ASP/ASP.NET you can search http://www.aspobjects.com/.

If you are using Apache / PHP and mySQL you might like ChartDirector, http://www.advsofteng.com/

If you are using some Java based server and languages, you'll have different choices.

etc. etc.


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