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Hello Experts. I've got an email from a friend related to VOIP. However, it is kind of too techical for the lack of knowledge I've got about the subject. Therefore, I was wondering would you guys help me out and explain to me some of the terminology used in the email. I would preffer a detailed explanation but at the same time accesible to my brain :) I would be grateful should someone give any more information he/she thinks appropiate for someone who wants to know more about the subject. The terms are:

1. Inbound number
2. Hunting (The sentence in the email sounds like this: "Should I buy an inbound number from you, would you do the hunting for me?")
3. IVR
4. "The brand will not be Dual, in order not to involve you with comercial  UK taxes." So, what's "brand" and what's "dual" in this case

Thanks in advance,
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minmeiConnect With a Mentor Commented:

Three out of Four:

1) inbound number is the number dialed that rings into your system, sometimes called DNIS
2) hunting - could be similar to hunt group - means that if someone on the outside dials the main number, even if that line is busy, the call will go down another line in the hunt group.
(i.e. hunt group is 275-1000 to 275-1009. Main number is 275-1000. First person calls 275-1000 - goes down that line. Second person calls 275-1000, call goes down 275-1001.
3) Interactive voice response - sometimes an automated response that listens for tones the caller pressed and does different things based on user selections. Menus and the like.
4) No idea, must be a UK thing...

Good luck!
-Leo-Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Fourth one:

As I understood, "Dual branded card" means plastic credit card wich is able to work in Cirrus/Maestro and Switch systems simultaneously ...
rafael_accAuthor Commented:
Thanks. Each question is 50 points. So I guess it's fair enough to share the points 150 to minmei and 50 to Leo.
Thank you guys.
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