restoring pictures from a formated hard disk

Please this is very important, if you can tell me how to recover files effectively,
i have an HP desktop, i had 2 partitions and on the D: i had pictures
then i restarted the computer and entered the disks that came with it (recovery disks)., and formated everything
is there any idea, or a software to get these pics back??????????????
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WatzmanConnect With a Mentor Commented:

With all due respect to the comments above -- go ahead and try those suggestions, certainly -- the HP discs repartition and reformat the computer, and then reinstall Windows.  With all of these combinations of activities, your chances of getting your pictures back are very, very slim.  Most of them have probably actually been overwritten, and even for the files whose actual data may still reside on the drive, the disc in which it resided is gone, the directory is gone, the data structures are gone and the cluster size and boundries of the new drive(s) probably doesn't even correspond to the old drive.  There is just not much of a chance of getting that material back.

Everyone who uses a comptuer needs to understand that, at any moment, with zero warning, every single thing that is stored on that computer can be gone.  It doesn't happen often, but when it does it can be catastrophic.  We've seen pictures, manuscripts, Ph.D. Thesis, Accounts receivable records, legal briefs all irretreivably lost.  If you have important "stuff" on your computer, you MUST learn to make reliable backups of those files on some form of external media.  And after you learn how to do it, you must actually do it on a regular basis.
Yes, there is.  Ontrack data recovery software performs this task very well.  There are others but I believe they all cost quite a bit of $.
I hope the above works for you.
No offense meant, but you really need to learn about backing up your data.

I really do wish you luck and hope that this lesson is not too expensive.

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You will only be able to get that data back which hasn't been used by your new installation, below are some tools:

Unstoppable copy tool

Free for restoring one file at a time. Is supposed to work really good.

PC Inspector:

OnTrack DataRecovery:


Other Data Recovery Tools:
here is my list of recovery software, i heard good things about Stellar; but whatever you do, do not install anything on that partition !                                    GetDataBack                                    Stellar                                    Restorer 2000                        Restoration                        Active undelete                  pc Inspector                        flash recovery                                    ontrack                  Easy Recovery                                    Test Disk + utils                              zero assumption
The best way to learn is the hard way...
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