Exchange 2003 Local Delivery Que not delivering

Im runnign an exchange 2003 server, has been working fine but i currently have several hundred emails que'd up in the Local Delivery folder.

It was working fine up till about lunch time yesterday (around 20hrs ago)

The que are all on retry and some local/internal domain mail is going through but takes 5 to 10 minutes when its usually instant, but from what i can see all incoming external mail or 95% of it is sitting in the que as well.

Also seems outgoing external email is not going through or is being heavily delayed as well.  

Has anyone got any idea's or suggestions of why the server would stop delivering its email to the mailboxes?
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flyguybobConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I just went through something similar.  It ended up being a stale link state routing issue that happened after removing the first server in the Exchange org.  We had to shut down all of our servers, bring up the bridgeheads/routing group masters and then bring up all the back-end servers.

Chances are that you have resolved this or called Microsoft.  If not, can you install and run Winroute and see if there are any problems with your routing groups?  After that we can turn up diagnostic logging.
flyguybobConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Has you environment changed at all? ...addition or removal of a server, change to a routing group master?
I had a similar problem after a client and I removed the first Exchange server in the site.  Even after KB822931 we still had problems.  We had to shut down all of the Exchange servers and stand up the routing group masters and then the other Exchange servers.  It was a persnickety issue.

subduedAuthor Commented:

nothing has changed at all

it's almost the end of day here, and end of week so the abuse form lack of email should stop shortly.. i just cant understand at all why it would deliver local mail, but not incoming external mail.. It recieves it just doesnt distribute it.

Makes no sense
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