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I'm looking for a free application that can convert .avi movies to .mov format.  I don't have access to a mac, so it has to be PC based.  I tried google, but didn't find anything that worked.  
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sunnycoderConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi Ding28,

There are a few tools to do the conversion, you can try out their trial versions

Do you have to convert to mov only or is there some other option too? What are you trying to accomplish? Is reduction in size the motive or is there something else?
Have you tried TRMOOV? It's old, and not very sophisticated, but it works. It's available here

The Thugs@Bay folks are finally working on version 4 of Zwei-Stein. It's not even beta yet, but it can do some nice editing effects, and is freeware. I don't know if you can get a Quicktime file out of it, but it might be worth asking them. 

Another possibility to look into is Gordian Knot. It's mostly intended for doing DVD and Video CD stuff, but it has a bunch of tools and codecs for converting video formats. You might be able to figure out a way to get a quicktime file out of it...

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Ding28Author Commented:
I tried everything sunny and bill linked, but the only one that worked was the Digital Media Converter at, but it was a trial version and left words on the middle of the output.  

I'm trying to convert to .mov because I need it for a class that uses macs, but I don't have access to these machines until tuesday and then it will be too late.  
If you're under a time crunch, you might want to bite the bullet and pay for QuickTime Pro. It's only about $30, and will do what you need.
For what it's worth, most Macs can play other video formats besides quicktime. You might not need to convert the file just to play it.

Cant you just download and install quick time and go to save as and save it as an avi ?
gecko_au2003, that won't work for two reasons: first, the free Quicktime doesn't allow this, and second, the asker is trying to convert FROM .avi to .mov
Hi there,

You can use the WinDVR application which has an embodied encoder - converter.
It works pretty well for me.
Also the demo version lasts for more so you can download it

You could also try the Nero VisionExpress. I believe it has many functions that you could find useful
For more info try out

Ding28Author Commented:
I ended up using the digital media converter.  It doesn't convert very well (it looks like ass and makes the file 4 times bigger), but it was good enough for what I needed.  At least I don't have to use a mac anymore :)
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