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How to make my Menu Colored.

I have this code for a Console program I want to put colors on numbers and * chars

void printmenu(void)
      int choice;
          printf("                                  Menu                              \n\n");
              printf("* 1. SumarGloar                        2. SumarDouble                *\n");
              printf("* 3. RestarFloar                       4. Restar Double              *\n");
              printf("* 5. PromoverFloatADouble              6. SonIgualesFloat            *\n");
              printf("* 7. EsMayorFloat                      8. EsMayorOigualFloat         *\n");
              printf("* 9. EsMenorFloat                      10. EsMenorOIgualFloat        *\n");
              printf("* 11. Son Diferentes Float             12. Son Iguales DOuble        *\n");
              printf("* 13. Es Mayor Double                  14. Es Mayor o Igual Double   *\n");
              printf("* 15. Es Menor double                  16. Es Menor o  igual double  *\n");
              printf("* 17. Son Diferentes Double            18. Promover Entero a Float   *\n");
              printf("* 19. Promover Entero a Double         20 Salir                      *\n");
             switch (choice)
                  case 1: sum();
                  case 6: menuSonIgualesFloat();
                  case 20:
                      default: printf("Escoga otra opcion parce\n");
      } while (choice != 3);
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Mercurius0Connect With a Mentor Commented:
You could use _settextcolor()
An example and color values can be found at:

If that isn't what you're looking for you may be
able to find something here:

Don't forget to include <graph.h>
what platform?
djhexAuthor Commented:
I have windows xp
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using VC++?
djhexAuthor Commented:
I am using DevC++  of bloodsheed
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