connectivity problem after latest microsoft download

My problem occurred after automatic download of latest microsfoft download on my toshiba P15-S479 notebook "software distrubutioin service 2.o " I have connectivity problems. When I try to go  on my home network wia wireless or wired I get the meassage that the status of my linksys network is 'limited or no connectivity' I do have excellent signal strength. All my other computers, lab top and desk top are fine-I tired turning off the firewall on on the main computer(the one the broadband is connected to) and my laptop- this did not help-any ideas
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mugman21Connect With a Mentor Commented:

Your automatic update downloaded a buggy MS file... Obviously....

Follow this link to your solution:

By default the Windows SP2 installs and enables the Firewall..So I suspect it..If you are comfortable with out a firewall or doesnt trust M$ then you can disable it...
From the error it seems for me as its unable to get the IP address or Certificate ( if wep is enabled)....You may wanna try rebooting the box once or try ipconfig n see the results..if doesnt work first click on the network card icon near task bar to see the error message weather its related to any certificate..
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