MAPI Session Issue

This issue is occuring on a box running:
Windows 2000 Server SP4 with Exchange 2000 SP3 and all critical updates applied.
I have a third party software that has email capability (progress reports) and attempts to send email by MAPI.
On my Win98 and W2k machines I am getting an error that either the Exchange server has the wrong name or the Internet cannot be found.
On my WinXP machines I can send the messages after I agree that viruses may be in the messges.
The third party software has worked well in past.  

This morning the Application log had many incidences of
Cat       : MAPI SESSION
Event ID: 9175

Please Consult
Van JohnsonChief Technology OfficerAsked:
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eatmeimadanishConnect With a Mentor Commented:

Check your disk space and make sure you are not running out...
Van JohnsonChief Technology OfficerAuthor Commented:
As per Microsoft  274534
Under Microsoft Exchange System Objects container I can actually see two objects there with only one matching with a mailbox under Mailbox Store\Mailboxes container.
My question does the Public Folder have a object in that container.  In other words of the two objects I am seeing there does one belong to the Public Folder?
Also both objects have a red X on the client icon.

Please Consult
Van JohnsonChief Technology OfficerAuthor Commented:
I have tried both suggested links and neither one was the problem.
My application log was filled with
9175 Errors and I am getting
Source DCOM
Event Id: 10002
errors in the System Log now
Stores seems to dismount and MSEchangeIS seems to quite working every 6 to 8 hours or so.

Van JohnsonChief Technology OfficerAuthor Commented:
Am I not giving enough information on this question?  I would like a response if possible.
Are you approaching or going over your 16gb limit for either message store?
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