Invalid partition table after using fixmbr

I used partition manager from paragon to move unparitioned space on my windows 2000 server inline so that I could add it to the C:\ drive. After doing the "quick data move " (for 8 hours, the system rebooted and come up with the error: "error loading operating system"
I then went through several gyrations and decided to use the fixmbr command to try and get my server to boot. Following that I now have the error "invalid partion table."

I can view all paritions from a command prompt. Scan disk says there are no problems.

Windows repair does nothing.

Do I have any hope of ever getting the server to boot without wiping and restoring from backup?
FFNM ITIT Services ManagerAsked:
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I would first make a copy of the drive using Ghost 2003 or Acronis Image so that the original drive remains intact.  Do all your experiments to recover on the copy, because some of those products write to the drive and may make it worse.  A list of partition managers can be found here (including Paragon):  Ranish and Partition Magic are my other choices to use to try to recover.
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