How can I print to my network printer while connected via VPN. "Allow local Lan access" is not allowed

I have a client that has to VPN from work into a Cisco firewall.

After they VPN they are not able to utilize their network.

The only feature they really need is to be able to print.

The company they VPN into will NOT allow them to have access to the Local Network because of security reasons..

Local printer is really not an option.  Their will eventually be 3 people that need this and they will be printing out large reports.

I have been trying to research some different avenues but have not come up with any..

IE...     IPX and Wireless...

The printer they would like to use is a Xerox copier that is networked.  I haven't looked into whether it can accept IPX/SPX or not..


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One of the primary reasons that the Cisco VPN solution is popular is this very thing. The ability for the corporate end to fully control what the client can/can't do while connected via VPN. There is no work around, or it would not be secure. Is there a business function that they must perform that requires printing to this particular printer while connected to the VPN? There are solutions, but it means taking the VPN software client out of the picture, and cooperation from the remote site admins. If they won't make an exception to allow this user local LAN access, I doubt that they would be open to any other possible solutions either..
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