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I have ac 97 onboard audio and I just stuck in a Creative Soundblaster Live card. I have disabled the ac 97. My speakers are nothing great( getting ready to buy new ones) but the problem is that the sound is significantly lower with the volume maxed and I know these speakers played much louder under the ac 97 audio. Is this just a matter of me needing to tweak the graphic equalizer or does the new sound card detect that my speakers are crap and will only play them at this volume?

Also, now I can't hear the modem dial out, the auxillary volume is not muted. I use Windows ME.

I am lost.

Any help will be appreciated
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WatzmanConnect With a Mentor Commented:

It's possible that your onboard audio uses "passive" speakers (unpowered speakers), having a small "power amplifier" (and I use the term "power amplifier" VERY, VERY losely) on the motherboard, while the Soundblaster has only a line-level output and not a speaker level output.  The issue here is that the Soundblaster may actually be a much higher quality sound card, but it definitely requires powered speakers with built-in amplifiers.

In order to hear the modem through the soundblaster, you will need to run a cable from the modem audio output to an input of the soundblaster card.  This connection was probably made on the motherboard for a built-in modem and onboard sound.  It's possible that the modem has no connector to make this signal available to a sound card other than the onboard audio.
Did you just insert the card without installing a driver?  If you didn't, I advise you to do so.  I doubt that the card detected the quality of your speakers and compensated.
This can also happen when you plug the audio cable into the rear speakers.
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