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I have created a report that simulates a letter. The body of the letter is rendered by a text box with text and carriage returns (VbCrlf). Some, but not all of the text needs to be a bold font. I checked the properties on the text box and you can set the font for the text box but it is an all or nothing proposition. I opened up the .rdl source code and was unable to figure it out. I would like to keep all of the text in this one text box as the letter is formatted correctly. I fear that if I break up the text into 2 or more text boxes it could throw the formatting off. Can anyone help??
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If the text is rendered in a SIMPLE textbox, then you can only associate ONE font, with the entire textbox.  To be able to have mixed fonts, (or Sizes, or colors of text for that matter), within a 'textbox', you need to utilize a Rich TextBox Control - and that may or may NOT be possible within the context of a report.  Never tried, so can't answer that part.  But in any case, what you need is RICH TEXTBOX CONTROL, and if that is not possible then the formatting you ask about is also not possible.


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Fred GoodwinVP of Software DevelopmentCommented:
Like AW said you can not do this out of the box with SQL RS.  We had to use textbox's back to back and apply whatever style to each box that we wanted.  Its a pain but its a limitation of SQL RS
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